Club Runs

We meet Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Tuesday Evenings – Main Club Run

Our Winter Season starts at the end of October.

During the Winter we run between 5 – 8 mile routes in and around the lit streets of Limpsfield and Oxted, sometimes venturing further afield on the country lanes to the south for longer runs.

Our Summer runs take us into the surrounding countryside. Each week throughout the season we take a different route.

In the Spring and Autumn our routes are a mixture of Off- Road and Road to account for the lack of late evening light.

We generally split into different groups depending upon runners’ pace ability, at a steady, medium and fast pace.

The route maps and GPX files are shared in our whatsapp Notices group on the Monday before the run. Download the OSmaps app to take full advantage of the maps that are shared.

On the last Tuesday of each month between April and August we start and finish our run at a Pub allowing members the opportunity to eat, drink and socialise post-run.

Thursday Evenings

Thursday evenings are run by members who get together and decide the route and start time. The run is arranged through our whatsapp social group.

Ideal for a recovery run or as a slow paced run before an event at the weekend. Members can decide which route and pace suits them.

Alternatively members may opt for Speed or Interval Training to increase their speed and stamina.

Sunday Mornings

Runners meet at a variety of starting points across the area. Runs are typically between 6 and 8 miles across the countryside and surrounding area.

All of our Tuesday and Sunday run routes are communicated prior to the day via our official whatsapp group. We actively encourage members to suggest new routes and offer to lead at least one run a season.


On Wednesday evenings Members benefit from the open use of the running track at Holland Sports AC.

We also meet on Saturday mornings from the start of January for Marathon build-up sessions for those runners targeting a Spring Marathon.

Other information

We also run a Challenge Series for members to compete in. This features Race events taking place within the region. There is no obligation for members to participate.