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We want to ensure that all members benefit from the pleasure of running but we also want to ensure that all members understand the responsibilities that being a member of a running club brings.

This means not only our responsibility to each other but also to the reputation of Oxted Runners. Therefore we ask all members to follow the Codes of Conduct shown below whilst running with the Club.

  • Please treat fellow club members (and, indeed, everyone else) with respect and consideration.
  • If you see another runner in difficulty, please stop and offer help. Take responsibility for the welfare and safety of other club members.
  • Be aware of other road and pavement users and be aware of traffic when negotiating road crossings.
  • Be visible. When running in the dark always wear bright, highly visible and preferably, reflective clothing.
  • Please select the pace group to join for Club runs that are consistent with your fitness on the day and your own running standard.
  • Know where you are going. Make yourself aware of the planned route beforehand. All of our main run routes are shared via whatsapp and as GPX files. Alternatively ask the Run Leader
  • Club runs are under the control of experienced Run Leaders. The main job of the Run Leader is to ensure the safety of run members, and to make sure that nobody gets lost or left behind. Know who your Run Leader is and respect their decisions.
  • Don’t disappear. If you leave a club run before it finishes, please make sure that the Run Leader is aware of your decision. Alternatively ask another runner to inform the Run Leader.
  • Mobiles and ID.  Consider carrying ID and a mobile phone, Run Leaders should always carry a mobile phone.
  • Headphones are not considered appropriate for wearing on any Club Runs.
  • Be Healthy. Don’t run if you feel unwell, unfit or are injured. Any accidents or injuries that occur during a Club Run must be reported to the Run Leader as soon as possible after the incident. We have a First Aid procedure that can be requested and is regularly posted on our whatsapp Notice group.
  • Car Parking. Please park in the designated spaces. If no parking spaces are available please use the on street parking available nearby.
  • We love dogs and some of our routes are suitable for dogs accompanying their owners and some are not. Our Winter Runs are not suitable due to the amount of roads and traffic that is about. Routes with narrow trails are also considered unsuitable. On all other runs please ensure that your dog is on a lead at all times when on trails and road sections or wherever there are livestock in the fields we are passing through. We will post guidance on the suitability of dogs accompanying their owner prior to each run.
  • With the agreement of the run leader, you may be accompanied by your child. Anyone under the age of 18 is a child. Your child remains entirely your responsibility, and is never considered to be entrusted to the care of the club. Your child must run in the same pace/distance group as you. You must be the parent or legal guardian of any child who runs with you. There will be no exceptions to these rules, and infractions of these rules may lead to your expulsion from the Club.

While Oxted Runners is a social running club, it may select races organised by others, for example, in The Challenge Series Races or The Club Championship for members to participate in. Entering these races is not obligatory but Club members joining them are subject to the rules of the organisers and their governing bodies.

Updated 13/11/2023