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The 2018-19 winter handicap dates are:

Tuesday 23rd October – view results

Tuesday 27th November – view results

Tuesday 22nd January – cancelled due to bad weather

Tuesday 19th February – view results

Tuesday 12th March – view results

Tuesday 26th March – view results

Results 2018-2019

Winter Handicap 2018-19 – Race 1 – 23 October 2018


Provisional Results


There were 18 participants in the first Winter Handicap of the season, of whom 7 were women and 11 were men. Six runners were competing for the first time.


Gary Springwas the first runner back, with Grace Smiththe first woman back. Gary and Grace therefore head the leaderboards with 15 points each. The Handicapper will punish Gary and Grace  appropriately for doing so well!


The fastest run of the night was by Harry Lawson, whose 29:05 was more than five minutes faster than the next best time. Impressive running, Harry.


The fastest run by a woman was Grace Smith’s42:36, with Anne Webb just 10 seconds slower.


Kevin Frost ran the fastest age-graded time by a man. Anne Webbran the best age graded time by a woman.


These results are provisional.


Winter Handicap 2018-19 – Race 2 – 27 November 2018


Provisional Results


A rather chilly and drizzly night night saw 14 runners in the second race of the season, of whom two were running for the first time this year. Tougher conditions than in Race 1 meant that, on the whole, race times were slower. Apart from the competitors, a number of other ORs were around but not yet ready to test themselves against the clock – pity, as the small number of competitors meant that plenty of handicap points were up for grabs.


Kirsty Staveley  was the first runner back, with Pat Sullivanthe first man back. Kirsty and Pat therefore pick up 15 handicap points for their efforts. The Handicapper has punished Kirsty and Pat and their starting times will be 30 seconds harder next time… Kirsty and Lynn Hills lead the Handicap competition for the women, and Gary Spring leads it for the men. With the best four results out of five to count, no one has a commanding lead at this stage.


The fastest run of the night was by Ben Stradling in 34:41, eight seconds faster than Joe Sullivan. Harry Lawson’s Race 1 time of  29:05 remains the fastest run of this season, and looks tough to beat.


The fastest run by a woman was Anne Webbin 44:35; Anne’s run was also the best age graded performance by a woman (though not as fast as her season leading run in Race 1).


Gary Spring’s age-graded 29:26 was the best age graded performance by a man on the night, though Kevin Frost’s age-graded 28:57 in Race 1 remains the season’s best age graded time by a man.


These results are provisional.


 Winter Handicap 2018-19 – Race 4 – 12 March 2019 

Provisional Results 

Fourteen runners assembled to contest the fourth race of the Winter Series of 5 mile runs on the famous Winter Route, along with a good number of others doing their own thing. Ongoing building works meant that we used the alternative start, which, as everyone knows, gives exactly comparable times to the traditional course! 

Jane McTaggart was the first back, in a time of 45:29, more than two minutes ahead of her target time. Geraint Davies was the first man back, beating his target time by a little over half a minute. 

The fastest run of the night was by (guess who) Harry Lawson in 28:44. Harry’s Race 3 time of 28:30 remains the fastest run by a man this season. Harry’s time was also the best age-adjusted time on the night, and his Race 3 result was the best age graded run so far. 

Anne Webb’s 43:55 was the fastest by a woman on the night, and was the best age-adjusted run by a woman on the night. Val Bowes still has the best age adjusted run this season, and Grace Smith still has the fastest run. 

In the season to date, Pat Sullivan has a small lead over Geraint in the Handicap competition for men. In the competition for women, Kirsty Staveley is just ahead of Kim Sullivan, who is just ahead of Anne Webb. 

The tables below give the details. In the results to date section I have recorded the people in the 1-2-3 positions, rather than the individual times – the ‘one person, one prize’ rule will be in operation. 

As ever, nothing is decided until the very end. One more race to go… 

These results are provisional. 

Simon Brooks