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Winter Handicap 2015-2016

March 2016 Race Report

With the final winter handicap race completed, we can all look forward to the summer runs in a few weeks.

Congratulations to the winners Stella Scordellis and John Dudley. The final event was a close race with three potential winners for both the men’s and women’s events. Over the course of the five races we had 54 runners taking part, including 19 first timers. I hope you all enjoyed it.

My thanks to Alan Hills without his assistance the event would be impossible. My thanks also to Roger, Wendy, Barbara and Simon for their help.


February 2016 Race Report

Tuesday was a good night for the handicap: dry roads and not too cold.  Unfortunately, Val Bowes fell over near Morrisons and chipped bones in her hand which now looks more like a balloon.  We all wish her a speedy recovery.  She is in good spirits and no doubt will be back running soon.  Quite a few runners lost time checking on her, so a huge thank you to Jane McTaggart and Tony White, who helped her back to the clubhouse.

We now have three leaders in both the Women’s and Men’s events who will eventually take the top three positions and they are so close that any one of them could win.  I look forward to seeing you all again on 22nd March.


January 2016 Race Report

It was raining and cold with the wind, resulting in only 19 brave souls participating. However, this rewarded those who turned up with the chance of earn higher points.

First position on the night for the ladies was taken by Jane McTaggart, improving her time by 49 seconds, with Stella Scordellis coming second.  Sean McCabery improved his time by 2:30 minutes as first man back in 33:11 minutes, followed by Robin Hickson, who improved his time by 32 seconds.

Top of the leader boards after three races are Kim Sullivan and Jane McTaggart jointly, and John Dudley. Remember it is the top 4 races that count, so there is still plenty of opportunity to challenge these guys.

We welcomed three new runners, who all ran good times.

Thanks to Alan and Simon for their valuable help on the night.


NOTE: The points for the first two races have been adjusted to reflect maximum points of 15 rather than 20 per this year’s rules. This has not changed any of the ladies’ positions, nor the top seven male positions, and has minimal other effect.

November 2015 Race Report

It was a lovely evening for the handicap and we had 28 runners, including a few new members. Congratulations to Louise Martindale and Matt Ling who beat their previous handicap by 2 minutes 15 seconds and 1 minute 5 seconds respectively.

Kim Sullivan and John Holmes are now top of the leader board, but will they be able to retain this position?

My thanks as always to Alan, Roger and Wendy; without their help the event could not happen.

We don’t have a handicap during December, so see you all in the New Year!


October 2015 Race Report

We had 27 runners for the first of the 2015 winter handicap events, and it was pleasing to see that there were a few runners who have improved since the last event in March, notably Pat Sullivan who improved his time by over two minutes, the other big improvements were from John Dudley, John Holmes and Maggie Berry.  It was great to see four newcomers and welcome back Les and Becky who had not run the handicap for a while.

My thanks to my fellow assistants Alan, Wendy, Roger and Barbara, for their help running the event. It would have been impossible without them.

See you all again in November.


2015-2016 Handicap Race Results

Name Position
John Dudley First – Mens
Robin Hicks Second – Mens
Andy Irons Third – Mens
Stella Scordellis First – Ladies
Jane McTaggart Second – Ladies
Kim Sullivan Third – Ladies

Winter Handicap 2014-2015

Race Report

Congratulations to the winners, Stephen Skelly, Sarah Lockett and Stella Scordellis who tied for first place. Congratulations also to Simon Brooks who was second and Nancy Huline-Dickens and John Holmes who were third.

We had a good turnout throughout the year with a total of 67 runners taking part and an average of 30 runners per event, despite some pretty cold wet evenings.

Andy Irons was our most consistent runner, finishing three events within 16 seconds of his handicap, and once matching his handicap to the second. Christine Farnham was our second most consistent runner, finishing three events within 29 seconds of her handicap, and once matching her handicap to the second. The other consistent runners were Rod Wood and Tony Sail, who both completed three events within 41 seconds of their handicap. Probably good that there were not too many more who achieved this consistency though, else there would have been a crush at the finish line!

2014-2015 Handicap Race Results

Name Position
Stephen Skelly First – Mens
Simon Brooks Second – Mens
John Holmes Third – Mens
Sarah Lockett Joint First – Ladies
Stella Scordellis Joint First – Ladies
Nancy Huline-Dickens Third – Ladies