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During the colder months the Club runs a series of winter handicap races.

You can view the race reports and results for the 2018-19 season here.

You can view the race reports and results for the 2017-18 season here.


How it works

We aim to commence the handicap at 7:15pm, although we do ask that runners arrive earlier if possible to aid with registration and advising of handicap times, and this is more especially important if you are a new handicap runner.

Points are awarded according to finishing position, with 15 points for the first male to finish down to 2 points for 14th place male and 1 point for every other male finisher. The same will apply for the females, with 15 points being awarded for the first female to finish down to 2 points for 14th place female and 1 point for every other female finisher. First time runners will be awarded points equivalent to last place.

If you have previously participated in the winter handicap series, your starting target time and handicap for next season will be that given to you after your last handicap race, or as published for the last race of the 2015/16 series.  If you believe this handicap is unrealistic, you can elect, before the event, to be treated as a runner without a previously timed handicap as described below.  If your previously listed handicap was awarded in an event held prior to the 2015/16 series, you will automatically be treated as a first time runner.

For those runners without a previously timed handicap run, your first handicap run will not qualify for points in the normal manner, however points will be awarded equivalent to last place.  You will be set off at a time suggested by you based on your prediction and any previous non-handicap run time over the winter route.  The time achieved in this, your first handicap run, will then be used to determine your initial handicap for the next run in the series.

An individual’s target time is the run time they are expected to achieve. The handicap time represents each runner’s start time after the clock has started running with the maximum handicap being 50 minutes. For example, a runner with a target time of 40 minutes would have a handicap of 10 minutes and be set off 10 minutes later than a slower runner with a target time of 50 minutes.

Target times will be adjusted as follows:

  • For an improved time, an individual’s target time will be reduced to the nearest 15 second point of their latest recorded time
  • For a slower time, an individual’s target time will be increased by half the difference between their last target and their latest recorded time to the nearest 15 second point, subject to a maximum increase per race of one minute.

A full description of the rules and calculations can be found here.


There will be six prizes awarded at the end of the Winter Handicap.

Engraved shields will be presented at the end of the run series to the male and female with the highest overall aggregate points total over their best four races, so no need to worry if you miss one!  In the event of a tie, the prize will be awarded to the runner with the highest score for a single race, with a countback if required.

Prizes will also be awarded for the single fastest run by a male and a female, on any of the handicap dates.  And for the single fastest run (aged graded) by a male and a female, again on any of the handicap dates.

Winter Handicap Results

Winter Handicap Results