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Your username must NOT contain any spaces
Your password must contain at least 8 characters, one lowercase letter, one capital letter and one number
You must be over 18 years to be a member of the Oxted Runners

The identity of your emergency contact will remain confidential and will be accessed only in case of emergency

Please note an additional fee is applicable. You can find out more about EA affiliation here.


If you are unsure, see our membership types and fees. There is no facility to pay online.  Payment will be due once you have submitted this membership form. See our club fees and information on ways to pay.


I wish to become a member of the Oxted Runners. I understand that by doing so, I become a member of the Limpsfield Club. I declare that I am:
  • Over 18 years old (the club does not admit runners under 18 years of age)
  • Fit to run and have disclosed in the box below any medical or other conditions that could affect my ability to participate safely in club activities. I understand that some club activities may not be suitable for me.


State any medical conditions that could affect your ability to participate such as asthma, cardiac surgery, epilepsy, autism, or partial sight; along with any other information you think we should know
  • *Not a vulnerable adult The club does not admit runners who are vulnerable adults. For a definition of vulnerable adult and an explanation of why we ask for this information, please click here.
* What is meant by a vulnerable person? Any person aged 18 or over who
  • Needs assistance by reason of mental, physical or learning disability, age or illness
  • Is unable to take care of him or herself or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or serious exploitation which may be occasioned by the acts or omissions of other people (Association of Running Clubs)
Any person who
  • Is aged 18 years and over
  • Is, or may be, in need of Community Care services because of learning or physical disability, older age or physical or mental illness
  • Is, or may be, unable to take care of themselves, or unable to protect themselves from harm or exploitation by others (England Athletics)
Why do we need this information? As a Club, we are committed to offering membership to the widest possible range of runners, as long as they meet our running standard. However, we are a small club and work on an informal basis, with run leaders selected from those members running on each Club night. All our run leaders are experienced runners, but only some of them have completed the training and checks necessary for leading runs whose participants include children and vulnerable adults. Our overriding concern and duty is to provide a safe environment for all our members. Regrettably, this means that at present we are unable to accept applications for membership from children and vulnerable adults. We will continue to keep the situation under review.


By becoming a member I agree to:  


As a member of the Oxted Runners your details will be passed on to England Athletics for administrative purposes. We will not use your details or pass them on to any other third parties unless you give your approval below:  
You can opt out of emails at any time by emailing us




I hereby apply for membership of the Oxted Runners. By doing so, I understand that:
  • Running, road running and trail running involve a degree of risk. I will not hold the Oxted Runners Club, its committee members, or its other members liable for any harm or injury which I may suffer while, or as a result of participating in club activities. Neither will I hold them responsible for any loss of property.
  • I agree to notify the Oxted Runners' Committee of any changes in my health that could affect my ability to participate safely in club activities.
  • Membership is at the discretion of the Oxted Runners' Committee and can be withdrawn at any time.